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A Day Without Review Is A Day Wasted


What’s the point of progress if it can’t be measured?

Like you go to the gym for years.

Yet you don’t have any muscle on your body.

People call it normal. That things take “time”. It’s not normal. If you are putting in the work and there isn’t any output, it’s time to change the strategy.

Ignorance is NOT a bliss.

It’s the biggest threat to your life!!

Let’s call it validation.

Okay you don’t have to chase it all the day.

It’s something built behind the scenes of your life.

What you do and how you do it. People form perceptions on your life. And those eventually determine the attention you are going to get in this world.

So you do normal things, you get normal attention.


Absurdity is what attracts a mad level of attention.

People just get baffled when they catch a new thing.

That’s your edge!!

Every year has close to 365 opportunities in bulk.

Every day is that opportunity.

You waste it, you lose the day.

And I get it. We all are humans. We make mistakes. But mistakes are great if they give you a room for correction.

That just adds flavour to the game.

A stupid mistake is just a decision taken without thinking.

Don’t go for that shit!!

Show me a guy who has big ambitions and feels lonely.

You won’t find one.

Because such folks do not have the TIME to feel lonely.

They are just so busy with getting things done that an emotion can never conquer them.

You don’t feel like reviewing your day. Or making some changes. Or anything like that.

BECAUSE you just didn’t do anything the whole day.

Therapy isn’t the solution.

Purpose is!!


People like you and me didn’t inherit any opportunities.

We had to CREATE them by our own self.

We had to put in that work.

And if you are not an opportunist, how are you going to just win in this world?


Review your days.

Because we are not immortal.

Make progress because that’s in your hands.

Just make your life count!!


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