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10 Powerful Visuals You Need To See Before You Enter 2024

  I have created more than   300 visuals   in 2023 and here are the 10 visuals that will help you make 2024 your best year. 1.Stop blaming yourself. Forgive yourself and keep moving forward. All visuals by the author 2. It’s not what you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you are not. All visuals by the author 3. Tomorrow never comes. Act today. Act now. All visuals by the author 4. Do it alone. Do it broke. Do it tired. Do it scared. Just do it. All visuals by the author 5. Writing is the cure for overthinking. All visuals by the author 6. Focus on simple habits today and see the magic before the year ends. All visuals by the author 7. You are beautiful as you are. Embrace your perfectly imperfect self. All visuals by the author 8. Giving your best can be different on different days. Keep showing up. All visuals by the author 9. Bet on yourself. 2024 is your year. All visuals by the author 10. Lastly, love yourself through all the highs & lows of life. All visuals by the

A Day Without Review Is A Day Wasted

  What’s the point of progress if it can’t be measured? Like you go to the gym for years. Yet you don’t have any muscle on your body. People call it normal. That things take “ time ”. It’s not normal. If you are putting in the work and there isn’t any output, it’s time to change the strategy. Ignorance is NOT a bliss. It’s the biggest threat to your life!! Social proof always works Let’s call it validation. Okay you don’t have to chase it all the day. It’s something built behind the scenes of your life. What you do and how you do it. People form perceptions on your life. And those eventually determine the attention you are going to get in this world. So you do normal things, you get normal attention. BUT. Absurdity is what attracts a mad level of attention. People just get baffled when they catch a new thing. That’s your edge!! A day wasted is an opportunity wasted Every year has close to 365 opportunities in bulk. Every day is that opportunity. You waste it, you lose the day. And I ge

David Goggins: How to Be Disciplined and Consistent for Success applies to any job.

  source David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL, ultramarathon runner, and motivational speaker renowned for his extraordinary physical and mental accomplishments. Born in 1975, Goggins overcame significant adversity, transforming from an obese individual into an elite athlete through rigorous training and mental fortitude. His remarkable feats include completing numerous ultramarathons and triathlons, showcasing an unparalleled determination to push his limits. Photo by  Carl Heyerdahl  on  Unsplash David Goggins teaches me a lot, especially about discipline and being consistent. I learn from his persistence, especially in his running marathon. I didn’t really think that a human being could do something out of my mind, like knee injuries, etc., to complete his running marathon. If I were him, I might just run for a mile, then go back home and start watching Netflix. David Goggins not only teaches about discipline and consistency, but he also teaches us about what a human being is capabl