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David Goggins: How to Be Disciplined and Consistent for Success applies to any job.



David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL, ultramarathon runner, and motivational speaker renowned for his extraordinary physical and mental accomplishments.

Born in 1975, Goggins overcame significant adversity, transforming from an obese individual into an elite athlete through rigorous training and mental fortitude.

His remarkable feats include completing numerous ultramarathons and triathlons, showcasing an unparalleled determination to push his limits.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

David Goggins teaches me a lot, especially about discipline and being consistent.

I learn from his persistence, especially in his running marathon. I didn’t really think that a human being could do something out of my mind, like knee injuries, etc., to complete his running marathon. If I were him, I might just run for a mile, then go back home and start watching Netflix.

David Goggins not only teaches about discipline and consistency, but he also teaches us about what a human being is capable of.

I have tried this before, and my mind is actually the one that is holding me back. A lot of social media and “mental health-related posts” on social media make me weak and limit myself by saying, “Don’t be too hard on yourself.” It actually limits me and makes me feel weak.

Now, I learn from him that we are capable of doing something that no one outside of our minds could think of.

I watched a video about him in the Joe Rogan podcast that I will insert the link to at the end; you can watch it later if you want.

It talks about discipline and hard work for yourself.

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

Here’s how to be disciplined and consistent for success:

We always thought that we had time.

We have time for this and that. We are too young, or we are too old for this. It is true in some cases, but most of the time we just procrastinate doing what we need to do. We demand a lot of things from ourselves but take no action to achieve them.

That’s why a lot of young people right now are stressed and depressed.

They just keep on thinking about their dreams without taking any action.

That’s why David Goggins said that he did frontload for his life, where he put a lot of action and the best of himself from the start or the beginning of his life-changing journey.

He knows that at the age of 47 or 50, he cannot do much of what he could possibly do at his young age. He started doing a lot of running and military training and broke the pull-up record.

He not only beat the record of the world, he beat his darkest self.


He beat someone who will hold him back most of the time, which is himself.

He worked hard for himself, destroying the limiting belief that he had every day. He knows that he could beat the record — not only the world record but the record that his life had.

I’m not as hardworking as David Goggins, of course, but I learn a lot from him, and especially since I’m in my 20s, I would implement this and start working harder and harder.

Not starting in 2024 but starting today, which is this December.

I have researched my writing and evaluated it. I know that I need to improve my writing, give more value, and focus on delivering high-quality articles. I’m doing this not only for myself but for you guys too, who read this article or are not reading it.

It is because I want to help people, and hopefully I can help myself too on my journey to self-improvement.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

That’s why I’m committing myself to hard work and writing articles.

And believe me, I still didn’t work hard enough to reach the limit I could possibly surpass.

Surpassing the limit is great, but knowing when to stop is more important. You are not a robot but a human being, so love yourself. Even a robot could break after a couple of years.

So, I’m trying to give myself the best, which is the next piece of advice from David Goggins.

Photo by Wiktor Karkocha on Unsplash

Regret is something you want to avoid in life.

I regret that I didn’t ask her out while I was in high school.

I regret that I didn’t give myself the best at my young age.

I regret that I didn’t take that opportunity.

We all have our own kinds of regrets.

The biggest regret that I would say most people should avoid is not working hard for themselves. Procrastination, being lazy, inconsistency, or having too much fun are dangerous for ourselves.

This world has become more complicated than before.

We must not have too much fun and too much stress, which means finding balance. Finding balance is hard, and it’s not recommended to focus on balancing because balancing is actually trying to achieve perfection.

That is why you need to give your best for yourself

Photo by Bayarkhuu Battulga on Unsplash

Sacrificing your “fun time” by giving your best for yourself.

You are doing this for yourself.

You are working hard for yourself.

You are getting up early for yourself.

Yeah, you might think that you are helping other people and working hard for them, but if, from within, you are broken, don’t try to fix other people before you fix yourself.

Do not change other people if you can’t change yourself.

I mean, we’re all progressing, and no one’s going to be perfectly changed, right?

At least we are making progress toward something better rather than doing nothing. So, in here, David Goggins recommends that we give ourselves the best.

Which is improving ourselves, becoming the best in ourselves, and then becoming the best for other people.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

So, here are two key takeaways that you could implement for your life from David Goggins advice:

Start working hard from the beginning, because your future self is going to thank you a lot for what you have done right now, but don’t push yourself too much. (It applies not only to young people but to those above too.)

Give yourself the best. You know that your life will not be lived in regret, knowing that in the past, you have done your best for yourself.

I hope that, from this article, you can implement it in your life right away!

Don’t start tomorrow or two hours after reading this article.

Start now, put down your phone where you might be reading from the Medium app right now, and start working.

“I don’t stop when I’m tired; I stop when I’m done.”

–David Goggins


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