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How to use ChatGPT as your free Personal Trainer


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Get in shape for summer with a well designed, personalised training and nutrition plan created by AI.

AI and ChatGPT came into play suddenly, forcefully and very wide spread. It filled the gaps in many industries, boosted productivity, and sped up the automation of a very wide range of processes and tasks.

Whether this is beneficial or detrimental, or what are the dangers of this huge AI development and their impact on the humanity is yet to be decided, and frankly, not within the scope of this article. But I will weight in on this in a future article.

One of the areas where ChatGPT really benefited us was offering everyone with an account, an alternative to a well-educated, all-knowing personal assistant.

Today, I’ll be tweaking this a bit to turn it into a Personal Trainer.

1. For starters, we need to give ChatGPT an instruction (prompt as it’s technically called) so it will behave as a PT and configure a background idea.

As you can see, I have assigned ChatGPT a task to put himself in the shoes of a PT and first of all list all the details required in order to set up a training and nutrition plan.

Body composition is a very unique and personal characteristic in each of us, and although there are some general formulas, nothing is 100% accurate for each individual at once. However, the more information we have about our bodies, the more targeted will the plan be.

So, before you reply, make sure you have identified the items in the list above, find a scale, estimate your body fat using pictures online if you don’t have a smart scale at hand. And most importantly:

Be Honest

Here is the part where you need to be honest! With the PT and with yourself. And while ChatGPT is not a person, and lacks any algorithm inside of it’s code that makes it able to offer judgement, you are safe.

I have responded with my personal details, which I am going to post here for reference.

Once you’ve given your details, ChatGPT will very promptly reply with a personalised training and nutrition plan.

That’s going to be brief and concise. But you’ll want to do some fine tuning. Let’s see what it gave me:

In my input provided to ChatGPT, I’ve mentioned that I have been doing the Push / Pull / Legs split + one cardio day in the form of swimming or boxing. It’s very likely that your output will look different based on your input and preferences.

This plan is not set in stone! Alter it to increase the frequency and focus on the groups that you are trying to grow or feel deficient in!

For example, even though this plan includes a lot of compound movements, it lacks frequency on arms. It will still work them during other exercises, but there is only one exercise (4 sets) of isolation work for both biceps and triceps, per week. If you are trying to grow these muscles, I would recommend jumping to 8 sets of isolation work a week for each of them.

Let’s see the nutrition plan:

In terms of nutrition we can observe that it gave us a general guideline, but it’s not very targeted. The guidance is correct, protein level is correct, the additional tips are useful.

However, I would like to add 3 extra tips:

  • Try to walk around 10.000 steps a day. If you are a beginner or work a sedentary job as myself, start with 8.000. If you’ve been doing 10.000 for a while, jump to 12.000 when possible. This will provide a very useful boost to your BMR.
  • Add Creatine to your supplements list. This is the most researched supplement ever, the most proven and with almost no side effects. It helps during recovery, protein synthesis, and energy levels regulation.
  • Always! And I mean … ALWAYS! Track your calories! I use MyFitnessPal which is free but there are a lot of options available for you to choose from.

2. You can observe that for nutrition, ChatGPT did not provide our specific calories which will help us stay on track. So here is the point where we come in with fine tuning the response.

I have asked ChatGPT to calculate my maintenance caloric intake and apply the suggested 500 calories deficit on that. I have also specified to consider the activity level based on the training plan provided.

It came up with a recommended 2,170 calories per day, to be in a caloric deficit. And here I am coming once again with a trick from the industry.

A lot of bodybuilders use this trick when preparing for a cutting phase and getting into competition shape.

Always select one level down on the activity level! In this case it recommended me “moderately active”. So I will tell it to consider “slightly active” instead.

This is because a slight deficit will show results over more time, and if you want to speed the process a bit, this will do the trick.

This time, ChatGPT suggested a daily intake of around 1800 kcal a day, which is what I have been actually following in this cutting phase. So it went on par with my personal trainer, certified, and very popular in the industry.

However, there is one last thing to confirm, the macros.

So let’s ask it!

As you can see, ChatGPT made be a breakdown on the macros needed in general for fat loss while maintaining muscle mass, according to my caloric intake.

On top of that, I have mentioned I do well with lower carb and moderate fat, which is just personal preference or what you observed at yourself during the years. If you don’t have specific needs or observations yet, do not mention and it will give you the general guideline.

Don’t go too low in fat because those are regulating your hormonal levels. Which in turn affect all the aspects of your health and ultimately life!

So we’ve managed to use ChatGPT to generate a personalised training and nutrition plan for us, for free! I have used GPT 4 (which comes with the paid plan), but this is possible with 3.5 which is free.

If you want to also have recipes to follow, I have generated 50 fat loss recipes, high protein and low carb that you can find here:

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