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Why you are not manifesting and how to solve it


While manifesting has gained exponential popularity in the past few years, there are writings about it dated as early as 1300s. However, it is essentially a form of expression we developed to name, address and talk about the laws of the universe, specifically the Law of Attraction.

There are hundreds of books on this topic, some other hundreds of coaches and trainers, youtubers, bloggers, influencers that are teaching techniques and processes to help you manifest your desires.

Now more than ever, there is a very big variety of documentation on Manifesting and how to effectively do it, and you have the opportunity to learn from other people’s experience.

This is exactly what I have done, so you don’t have to. Or at least, so you know the simple key that finally helped me.

I have read over 30 books on this topic, some of them more spiritual, some of them more scientific (quantum physics, neuroscience), watched over 120 hours of videos on youtube, over 10 documentaries and probably over 50 podcasts.

I am not telling you this to suggest the same thing. On the contrary, it is much more valuable to have a consistent meditative practice, rather than studying and reading continuously without applying these principles.

The reason I am telling you this is because I want to point the fact that I could only extract 2 points from all my research.

  • What is the key to manifesting
  • How to identify what is blocking us from achieving it

The key to manifesting, believe it or not, you’ve probably heard it. You’ve heard it so much that you may not even believe it anymore as it seems to simple.

How can the laws of the universe reduce to such a simple concept that is within grasp to such a mortal being as myself ?!

That is “The Feeling of Wish Fulfilled” as Neville Goddard calls It.

Which basically translates to the following steps:

  • Visualise your desired outcome
  • Use as much detail as possible
  • Feel the feelings that you would feel if that was already achieved

The important thing is to not dissociate from the result. Don’t say “let’s feel how I WILL feel then”. Say “It already happened, I already have it and I am feeling this way” and let it come to you.

Don’t place it in the future, place it in the present or maybe in the recent past. But certainly, feel it in the present.

Now that we’ve clarified the key to manifesting, let’s dive into the actual topic of this article:

How to identify the blocks in your manifesting.

And for this, we are going to do an exercise, which I have heard Mrs. Monica Ion, one of the first 50 experts in NLP and remodelling the way we think.

Think of the thing you are trying to manifest and you are feeling like you can’t, or are frustrated because it didn’t happen yet after a lot of trying.

Then ask yourself these 2 questions:

- What are the advantages of not achieving it?

- What are the disadvantages of achieving it?

* It is very important to list as many reasons as possible for each question

The questions might sounds like they are talking about the same thing but when applying this to your scenario, you will realise that it’s basically about the principle of polarity:

  • One question is positive
  • One question is negative

Let’s take an example and say that you are waiting for a long overdue promotion and it’s just not coming. Now there doesn’t have to be any logical reason before we apply the questions, as the manifesting process si not a logical one and should not be viewed from that point of view anyway.

So, what are the advantages of not getting the promotion ?

  • You are on a lower tax rate
  • You have less responsibilities
  • You have less work to do and are more free to do other things during the day
  • You have more free time

Now, what are the disadvantages of getting the promotion ?

  • Higher tax rate
  • More responsibilities
  • More work
  • Less free time, which will mean less time to spend on the business idea I have and want to work on after I finish my day job

Usually, one of these questions, as long as you give as many honest reasons for each as possible, will reveal a certain worry, disagreement with the wish fulfilled situation.

Maybe you don’t see advantages, but there certainly are, the world is in a balanced state at all times, the universal law of polarity is active and there is good coming with every bad and vice-versa.

In this example, we might realise that we put a price on our business idea, we believe in it and we want to make it a reality. We subconsciously know that the promotion might interfere with that so we have a blockage that is not letting this manifestation go through.

“Now, Should I just give up on this manifestation, then?”

No, unless this introspection made you change your mind. You can identify these blockages and find a way, a solution, to get the promotion while also keeping your free time intact.

Set boundaries! Your job should probably end at 5PM whether you have things to do or not. You can block a time in your calendar for your business and respect that religiously even if there are other things on your to-do list. And maybe, this promotion might just not mean extra responsibility, or even if it does, it might not mean more time.

A lot of times in our manifesting journey, we are sabotaging ourselves. These blockages are not even that deep inside of us. We just need time to reflect, introspect and accept!

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