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How Billionaires Organize Their Workspace

 Wondering how the likes of Bill Gates and Elon Musk organize their workspace? Let’s find out (in no particular order).

Note: Some of these photos are old and things have likely changed. Still, I think this post demonstrates that you can reach the same ends, whether you prefer to have a minimal office setup or have all the bells and whistles money can buy.

Bill Gates

No longer using 3 monitors but unsurprisingly relies on a single Surface Studio by Microsoft. I can spot 3 pairs of glasses though, probably due to switching from reading on paper to reading on a screen.

Got this photo from CNN

Elon Musk

Not sure how much desk work he does nowaydays as this photo is at least a decade old. Rumour is he doesn’t have an office at all. Still, here we can see a graphics tablet for design and a standard PC setup on a huge surrounding desk.

Steve Jobs

A photo from his final years, Steve Jobs seems to rely on an Apple Studio Display in a not-so-minimalist workspace.

Photo by Diana Walker

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuck seems to like flexibility with just a MacBook (no mouse) that he can carry from desk to desk.

Mike Bloomberg

True to his industry, Bloomberg is using 3 monitors with 4 widows of news on one and I assume dozens of charts and graphs on the other two.

Photo from Bloomberg

Kevin Kelly

While not a billionaire like the others on this list, Kevin Kelly is a truly interesting man (dubbed the most interesting man on the planet by Tim Ferriss). The wall of legos and what seems to be the skeleton of a miniature ostrich predecessor prove this.


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